The Baby Rooms

The Baby RoomsWe have two Baby Rooms for babies from 3 months to 2 years. The rooms are bright and cheerful, with plenty of shiny and colourful things to look at. Meals are freshly cooked by our cook and eaten in the room. Special dietary requirements are catered for.

We structure the day in a way that gives time and space for babies to play with the toys, to listen to the music, to learn about interesting colours, shapes and sounds, to sleep, eat and drink. We enjoy messy play and exploring our environment. When old enough, children play with water, and start to paint and print.

An outdoor play area is available which is secure and only for this age group. Diaries are kept for every child, which give parents a written record of their child’s day.

The Toddler Room

The Toddler RoomThe Toddler Room cares for children between 2 and 3 years. This purpose-built room caters for up to 14 children and is situated next to the bathroom for easy access to potty training and hand washing. The informal atmosphere allows the children to explore a wide range of activities at their own pace, including sand and water play, paint and glue, drawing and role play. Children in the Toddler Room enjoy story telling, and they like to sing and dance.

During lunchtime children are encouraged to eat varied and healthy diet and learn table etiquette and good manners. The Toddler Room have their own enclosed playground in which the children can run around, climb, and ride bicycles in total safety.

Many children in this room require a daytime nap, and the room is easily divided to provide a quiet rest area in the middle of the day for those that need sleep.

The Big Room

The Big RoomThe Big Room is a large, bright and cheerful area that accommodates up to 30 children aged 3 to 5 years. It is divided into different play spaces including areas for construction, role play and fancy dress, books and reading, and an area for ‘messy play’ with paint, glue, sand and water.

Children get involved in pre-school activities, such as phonics, writing and recognising shapes and numbers, to help them prepare for school. Our activities in the Big Room follow the early learning goals outlined for the foundation stage by the government for children 3-5 years.

The routine for the Big Room is a little more structured than for younger children in previous rooms. Here we have regular group times for discussion, story telling, singing, role play and music. The Big Room has it’s own large outdoor play area where children do gardening (strawberries and potatoes were very successfully grown this year!), climb and slide, run, jump, play with bikes and scooters, bats and balls.

We issue a termly newsletter to help keep parents up-to-date with events in the nursery. We also have Parents’ Evenings twice a year.